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Troubleshooting Guide

A list of common problems when using bandsaw blades:

Problem Remedy
Stripping or cracking of teeth Use proper tooth pitch and speed for material being cut. See cutting chart. Eliminate vibration by holding work firmly. Reduce feeding pressure.
Band breakage or breakage at the weld Place guides as close as possible. Release tension if machine is to remain idle for any long period. Adjust band tension. Use just enough tension to keep blade firmly on wheels. Gauge of band too heavy for diameter of wheels. Decrease feeding pressure.
Premature dulling of teeth Use slower speed. Keep teeth engaged. Adjust feeding pressure. Consult cutting chart for correct blade selection.
Blade not cutting straight Use lighter feeding pressure. Set guides as close as possible. Adjust guides to assume even wear. Increase band tension.
Burr on back or grooves in side of blade Adjust the two back edge rollers so that both share the pressure equally. Adjust side guides.
Blade vibrating in cut Consult cutting chart. Hold work firmly. Increase band tension. Adjust feeding pressure.
Gullets loading Adjust speed. Use coarser pitch.
Rough surface finish Use finer pitch. Use higher speed. Decrease feeding pressure.
Cutting rate too slow Use coarser pitch. Increase feeding pressure. Use higher speed.
Premature loss of set Blade too wide for radius being cut. Use slower speed. Adjust guides.
Twisted blade Decrease feeding pressure. Adjust guides further apart. Use proper blade for radius.