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Dakin Flathers

Dakin–Flathers is one of the largest manufacturers of bandsaw and bandknife blades in Europe.

A private family-owned company, Dakin–Flathers has over 115 years of saw manufacturing experience. The company is now a modern, highly specialised producer with the capability of producing over fifteen million metres of bandsaw and bandknife blade per year.

Extensive quality and process controls not only conform to ISO 9002, but significantly exceed the standards required. Purpose built 24-hour production facilities in Yorkshire, England are combined with state of the art high technology machinery to enable world leading precision manufacture of ever higher performance products, whilst at the same time achieving continuous reductions in production costs.

Extensive research and development programmes in co-operation with specialist steel mills have resulted in the development of high performance steels, produced exclusively for Dakin-Flathers, with unique properties and exceptional blade life.

Wherever you are and whatever your application, you can rely on our team and depend on Dakin-Flathers.

Reproduced from information on Dakin-Flathers' web site, July 2009