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44.7/8" (1140mm) x 1/2" x .020" Morse Mat2 Bimetal (Pk 3)


Bandsaw Blades for Milwaukee Portable Machines

  • Bimetal construction with high speed steel teeth
  • 8% cobalt hss for faster cutting and longer life
  • Alloy steel blade back resists shock
  • Where used, variable pitch teeth reduce vibration
  • Blade fits all standard Milwaukee models
Price (1 to 2 Packs of 3 Blades):£25.25 per pack
Price (3 plus Packs of 3 Blades):£22.73 per pack

The above prices are exclusive of shipping and VAT.

Tooth Pitch: 

Bi-metal blades suitable for Milwaukee portable bandsaws and other similar machines.
The 8/11 tooth pitch replaces the need for tooth pitches from 8/12 to 18 tpi.
DeWalt DWM120, D28770, DW328
Grizzly G8692
Kama AD105P, AD105S
Milwaukee 6223, 6225, 6226, 6227, 6230, 6232, 6236, 6238
Sumore SP1206

Manufacturer: Morse
Type: Matrix 2 Bimetal
Length: 44.7/8" (1140mm)
Width: 1/2" (12mm)
Thickness: .020" (0.5mm)